God’s Recipe / Survival Bread

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This makes 8 equal parts weighing ½ Lb each. One ½ Lb loaf per person per day… AP

God’s Recipe / Survival Bread

Required ingredients / amounts

Ingredients for 8 days (1 person)
Aprox. Weights
2 ½ cups Wheat (hard red winter)  17-½ oz
1 ½ cups Rye (whole grain)  10-½ oz
½ cup Barley (whole & hulled)  3 3/8 oz
2T Pinto Beans (uncooked)  < 1oz
2T Great Northern Beans (uncooked) < 1oz
2T Red Kidney Beans (uncooked) < 1oz
¼ cup Green Lentils (uncooked)  1 ¾ oz
¼ cup Millet (whole & hulled)  1 ¾ oz
½ cup oil
1 cup Honey
4T yeast
2tsp Sea Salt
Water 2 to 6 cups

  • DO NOT use preground ingredients as the ratios would be wrong and would upset the balance
  • DO NOT mix large amounts of bulk ingredients in the same container because the smaller ingredients will settle to the bottom and cause an imbalance. Proportional amounts may be combined in one container ONLY if the entire contents are to be milled at one time.

1 Grain grinding mill with a hand crank
Grind the ingredients to fine flour, divide into 2 equal parts. Half is to be used to make 4 cakes weighing ½ lb each
Into a small bowl
1 cup lukewarm water, add, and stirring to dissolve 1 Tbsp Honey,  1 Tbsp. Yeast set aside and let grow for 5 minutes.
Into a large bowl
Flour, 1 tsp Sea salt
Stir and add:
¼ cup oil
½ cup oil
1 cup water
Add yeast to mixture and stir well
Add more water if necessary to make moist drop cookie type dough

Spread evenly in an oiled 11” x 15” x 1” pan. Let rise in a warm place for 1 hour.
Bake at 375° for 15 minutes
When cool cut into 4 equal parts weighing ½ Lb each
The texture of the bread will be similar to banana bread
1 Quart of Honey (32oz) weighs 3lb. (48oz)
Honey is sold by weight
This recipe uses volume measurements NOT weight.



Emergency Survival Bar

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This came from waltonfeed.com a while back, cant find it there anymore…

  • 3 C. cereal (oatmeal, cornmeal, or wheat flakes)
  • 1/4 tsp. salt
  • 3 T. honey
  • 2 1/2 C. powdered milk
  • 1 C. sugar
  • 1/2 C. Jello (optional)
  • 1/4 C. water
  • add raisons if you like

Place all dry ingredients except Jello in a bowl. Bring water, honey, and Jello to a boil. Add to dry ingredients. Mix well. Add water a little at a time until mixture is just moist enough to mold. Place in a small square dish and dry in the oven under very low heat. Wrap and store. This will make 2 bars, each containing approx. 1000 calories or enough food for one day. These will store for a long time if they are cooked until quite dry, and are excellent for emergency packs, etc. Eat dry, or cooked in about 3/4 C. water.

Vicki Tate

Just for fun, the web page author did a nutritional analysis of the above recipe’s contents using rolled oats and powdered milk fortified with vitamin A. He found this to indeed be a very nutritious bar. One bar contains only half of the nutrients of the whole recipe and therefore you may wish to set aside two bars per day to get the following:

NUTRIENT                                   PERCENT RDA
Food energy              74%
Protein                 135%
Total lipid (fat)        12%
Carbohydrate, by diff.   93%
Total saturated fat       8%
Cholesterol              10%
Sodium                  441%
Total dietary fiber      60%
Vitamin A               121% (If Vit A fortified powdered milk is used.)
Ascorbic acid            16%
Thiamin                 154%
Riboflavin              191%
Niacin                   16%
Vitamin B6               38%
Folacin                 113%
Vitamin B12             114%
Potassium               177%
Calcium                 218%
Phosphorus              308%
Magnesium               116%
Iron                     80%
Zinc                     90%
Pantothenic acid         75%
Copper                   55%
Manganese               212%
Linoleic acid (18:2/n6) 122%
Linolenic acid(18:3/n3)   9%
Histidine               234%
Isoleucine              491%
Leucine                 615%
Lysine                  610%
Methionine+Cystine      396%
Phenylalanine+Tyrosine  630%
Threonine               563%
Tryptophan              503%
Valine                  488%

Probably the biggest problem is the low vitamin C. However, in a pinch, a person could live a long time off these bars alone. They are also a bit short in the calorie department, but are excellent in protein, over half of the B vitamins, and excellent in the minerals category. These bars, no doubt, nutritionally beat many of the expensive bars you can purchase from the different companies, and properly sealed would probably last as long.


Copyright 1993 by Peggy Layton and Vicki Tate These recipes may be freely used for non-profit purposes as long as the book source and author remain intact. Express permission of the author, Vicki Tate, must be received for commercial profit.

Updated: 28 Nov 96

CMMG Bargain Bin

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Over at CMMG Inc. they have some good deals in their Bargain Bin and from the people on the forums are saying good things about them…

Bargain Bin 16 inch M4 –                    Price: $599.95

Bargain Bin 16 inch M4
Bargain Bin Rifles are back!

Just like last time, we are only accepting orders for these online. There are no further discounts or quantity discounts. Once we have run through our current inventory, no back orders will be taken for these.

These won’t win any beauty contests, but if you are looking for an affordable shooter, look no further! All rifles are M4A3 configured and consist of trade-ins, demos, scratched, dented, discolored, over-runs, special buys, uglies, etc. All rifles have been head spaced and test fired. Rifles are sold as-is with no returns.

If in doubt, inquire online, the feedback from these last year was phenomenal. Don’t wait too long, these won’t last long.

1/9 twist Barrels are Nitrided inside and out for years and years of trouble free operation!

Hand picked rifles will be for over all cosmetics. There is NO choice of make. Rifle includes what is pictured only, no accesories! Lower receiver brands will be Armalite/Eagle, DPMS, Doublestar and CMMG. Actual rifle my vary slightly from photo.

Price: $599.95

30rd Mil-Spec Magazine Overstock Sale!
Standard Mil-Spec spring and green follower. Fits AR-15, M-16 platform weapons. No sales where restricted.
Price:     $9.95
Follower Upgrade:  Stainless Steel Anti-Tilt Follower
Price:     +$2.50
Spring Upgrade:   Braided Wire Spring Upgrade
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TAPCO 30rd AR15 Magazine Overstock Sale!
30rd AR15 Magazine Tapco
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Search for “CMMG Bargain Bin Rifles

fourm threads about CMMG Bargain Bin Rifles

4 AR15’s

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This one is from “PA Prepper”.
Substitute AR15 for your favorite assault weapon if you like getting hung up on the details instead of looking at the meaning behind the story. – AP
4 AR15’s
Here is my logic:
1. Nobody should have just one AR15 for home defense. Your gun could go down. You need a backup.

2. If you have 2 AR15s, you have a primary gun and a back up. But, what if one breaks? You wouldn’t have a backup. That is bad.

3. So, you need 3 AR15s. If one breaks, you have a gun and a backup. You are good. This is the bare minimum.

4. Having he bare minimum is kind of risky. Why risk your life with the bare minimum? You need 4 AR15s.

And that is how it works.

– PA Prepper

South Korea to Pick Wholesaler for M1 Garand Sale

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South Korea to Pick Wholesaler for M1 Garand Sale

from : source

SEOUL, S. Korea — The Korea Times has reported that planned exports of aging U.S. combat rifles will begin this year when two successful wholesalers are selected by the governments of South Korea and the United States, an official at the Ministry of National Defense said October 12.

Last week, the ministry announced a plan to sell more than 100,000 M1 Garand and carbine rifles used during the Korean and Vietnam wars to American gun collectors as part of an effort to boost its defense budget.

The Seoul government has already selected six preferred bidders to export the rifles, while the U.S. government has picked four domestic bidders after it recently approved a proposal made by South Korea in 2006 to sell the weapons back to the United States, the official said.

By the year’s end, the Korean government will select a final bidder, which will then choose its U.S. partner company to sell the outdated rifles to the U.S. gun enthusiasts on- and offline, he said, declining to identify the candidate firms until the final announcement.

Since the ministry revealed the sale of the rifles, most of which have been mothballed for about five decades in military warehouses, U.S. gun collectors have shown a keen interest in buying the classic rifles.

A total of 86,000 M1 rifles and another 22,000 carbines will be sold, according to the ministry, which estimates their expected sale price at $220 and more than $140, respectively.

South Korea earned more than $20 million from the first shipment.

M1s were made first in 1926 and used in World War II and the Vietnam War. The carbines were first produced in 1941 and used during the 1950-1953 Korean War.

What did you do today to prep

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What did you do today to prep?
here is what we put away today….

12 rolls of TP

2 repair kits for wrist rocket slingshots

13 jars of blueberry flower honey (13oz)

2 packs of 22LR (1100 rounds total)

2 SS flasks (8oz)

100 tea lights

2 packs of 5 home repair needles

2 packs of 25 assorted needles

Preppers – An opinion

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Preppers – An opinion
from : http://yeoldfurt.blogspot.com/2009/10/preppers-opinion.html

Preppers are not survivalists. Survivalists and that mindset is a remnant of the 50s when some people were determined to survive a nuclear holocaust. Preppers are far more focused to withstanding climatic and social catastrophes, not just nuclear devastation.

Preppers are individuals preparing for personal catastrophic events. These may be extremely personal such as unemployment and meager funds to pay bills and buy groceries, or the events may be widespread due to climate/global catastrophes. They may also include a simple desire to return to living frugally and within their immediate means of support, independent of exterior or governmental support or mandates.

Prepper individuals believe in the old Boy Scout motto of “Being Prepared”. They stock up on food, water and other supplies so that in the event a situation develops, these individuals can be self sufficient as to their resources and continue their lifestyles without suffering unduly. Preppers have been known to even assist others who might have become destitute in catastrophic situations.

All too often, the perceived cause or correct equipment for a possible situation has led to schisms between preppers. From a difference of political opinion to even a difference of proper firearm or fire starter has been debated hotly between preppers, leading to irrational anger and hostility. Denigration, name calling and hostility serves no useful purpose and creates divisions of resources and knowledge.  Certainly a mature individual, attempting to provide security for their family would not disregard another individual’s expertise in a subject only because they disapproved of their selection in firearms or supplies.

I believe that political leanings drive a large proportion of preppers. The current political trend toward collectivism and centralized government dictating daily life has convinced many preppers that being prepared for social unrest or upheaval is paramount. This is certainly a major theme I see daily on the blogs and internet news pages. But we must not forget that a climatic scenario can also cause a disruption in our daily lives. Earthquake, hurricanes, tornados and such can cause an immediate threat to life and family.

The great majority of preppers believe in the individual responsibility of self versus the collectivism of government controlled social welfare. Being prepared is an outgrowth of this belief. Some people consider this “conservatism”. Just another label in my opinion. The basis is still individual responsibility for self.  No one else, including government, can be or should be responsible for your welfare. Only the individual can provide self-sufficiency for their needs and survival.

Collectivism has many labels, such as socialism, fascism, marxism and communism. Collectivism is a mind set that removes the individual responsibility of self and places it onto a governmental body.  Requiring the governmental body to collectively care for all the individuals regardless of their abilities, needs or failures. All personal responsibility has been removed and the only personal fault is resistance or disapproval of the governmental control. Failure to follow the governmental mandates result in harsh disciplinary action against the individual. Collectivism has no place for individual preparedness or individual responsibility.

Preppers need not be divisive among themselves. Each individual is unique in their thought process and what they perceive as their greatest threat to their survival and well being. Collectivism threatens all preppers, but other threats are based on a more personal perception of future circumstances. Denigration of prepper by prepper only serves the old adage of “Divide and Conquer”.

To paraphrase A. Lincoln, “A House Divided Cannot Stand” and
B. Franklin, “We Must All Hang Together Or We Shall Most Assuredly Hang Separately.”