4 AR15’s

This one is from “PA Prepper”.
Substitute AR15 for your favorite assault weapon if you like getting hung up on the details instead of looking at the meaning behind the story. – AP
4 AR15’s
Here is my logic:
1. Nobody should have just one AR15 for home defense. Your gun could go down. You need a backup.

2. If you have 2 AR15s, you have a primary gun and a back up. But, what if one breaks? You wouldn’t have a backup. That is bad.

3. So, you need 3 AR15s. If one breaks, you have a gun and a backup. You are good. This is the bare minimum.

4. Having he bare minimum is kind of risky. Why risk your life with the bare minimum? You need 4 AR15s.

And that is how it works.

– PA Prepper

2 Responses to “4 AR15’s”

  1. rebel49808 Says:

    so do you think it would be ok if you had 2 ar’s and then 2 parts kits, just not a housing?

  2. Pa Prepper Says:

    2 AR’s and spare part are OK, but can you fix it when it breaks (do you have the skills / tools) and will you have the TIME? and the needed parts? if you have the spare parts you most likely have enough build #3 & #4
    But you should have spare part even if you have only 1 AR running, so having 4 AR’s means 4 sets of spares (see where this is going)

    Better to have 1 AR and a good set of parts and skills / tools / knowledge to keep it running and as time goes by increase your collection


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